2 April 2013

Thinking about dressmaking

I have finished off another chapter of my book and am working on the next one :) I'm enjoying this enforced focus on the story writing. It seems to have retriggered my imagination.

I'll post chapter six in a bit. I don't know whether I might take some of the other chapters down. Just have the first one and the current one available. Or is that a bit mean? I do want people to actually want to read the book and if it's just available all the time I think it'll become boring...

I'll leave it as is for now, but will take chapters down after they've been available for a week. So basically, if you do want to read it, you've only got a limited time left :)

I have had to cancel my appointment with the counsellor today as I didn't have anyone to look after madam and I don't have my dad's car to get there either! I really hate that they only have one car now. I completely understand it, and it's so much more practical for them. But now I can't road trip...

And I do like a road trip. Madam and I have had some great trips to see all our friends. My favourite was still the first trip we took down to friend V, across to friend L, and then up to friend H and then home. And we had nice weather for it, the last couple of summers have been a bit, meh.

I will have to plan some train trips for this summer. We are going up to Edinburgh in September, so that at least is something to look forward to. I also need to think about what madam is going to wear now that I've got myself sorted. I have started wondering about making her a dress and then we can get exactly what we want for her. And it'd fit.

The last outfit she got from Monsoon (which is our usual default for fancy clothes for her) was in an age 7-8! It was the right length on her, but a bit big in other places. And because we have to shop in the older section for her now a lot of the clothes are too old for her.

She's only 4, I want her to still be in the really cute little girly dresses that she likes but can't really fit in any more. She's definitely a frillier is better type of girl! I have a lovely picture of her in a party outfit somewhere that is still one of her favourites but we've passed it on to one of our friends. She's a fan of a tutu, that's for sure.

If I made the outfit I could also put her in a colour that really suits her, whether it's in fashion or not. She looks adorable in yellow, but I haven't found anything pretty in yellow for her for ages. When she was teeny she had the cutest little yellow top and leggings.

This was her in her pole dancing phase... It's not a very good picture of the outfit, but you get the idea, pale yellow and seventies style!
So I shall now start browsing some fabric sites and shops and see what I can see... :)

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