1 April 2013

more about my writing project and some holiday plans

Last night, at midnight, I was allowed to start writing for my camp NaNoWriMo project. Now, I had decided that I wasn't really going to do very much as it was late and I needed to think a bit about where I wanted the story to head.
And then somehow I had written nearly 2000 words and it was just after 1 in the morning. Oops... So bedtime was a bit later than planned. But I had a brilliant idea come to me and I needed to get it down. I need to start thinking about some of the more dangerous parts of what I want to happen.
Having to write a novel synopsis for camp has already meant I had to make a decision about where I'm taking it. I think it might be going to get a bit darker than I had perhaps originally intended, but I'm quite excited about it :)
For anyone who's interested my camp profile is here though I'm not sure whether you'll be able to see it without being signed in!
My plans for today do include doing (probably quite a bit) more writing at some point. I also have to get madam and I ready to come and spend a few days here at my parents as they are going on a trip to Stratford to watch some Shakespeare. We will be doing cat sitting and fish feeding duties.
There are four cats of which only one, Tesco, will go anywhere near madam. The others mainly spend their time trying to get as far away from her as possible. They'll be so thrilled we're moving in!
This is Molly and Bugsy begrudgingly sharing a chair. They actually do this quite a lot now, but they both pretend they don't like it! The other cat I'm looking after is called Banzai who has the most beautiful velvet fur. She also drools when she's happy... Delightful!
I am also hoping that we'll be able to have a trip to some of the museums at some point this week. I have been meaning to take madam to the transport museum for ages but we never seem to get around to it. I am determined to make it this week or else I can see it never happening!
There's a chance I may force myself to have an ice cream sundae from Baskin Robbins if we're going to be in the vicinity ;) I was rather hoping that at some point in the Easter break I'd get chance to go to the cinema with my friend as we both want to watch Oz the Great and Powerful, but it's looking unlikely :(
I shall have to content myself with using my dad's Wi-Fi to keep me amused!


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