3 April 2013

A day at the museums

Madam and I have been enjoying ourselves today. We had decided that today was museum day and as it turned out it has been a lovely day. The sun has shone and it was cool but not as cold as it has been. So the walk from the bus stop to the museum quarter was most pleasant.
We started at the Streetlife Museum and madam was rather taken with the old model cars and the different types of bicycle. We both agreed that the stink in the carriage section upstairs was quite unnecessary! We put a couple of 20p's into the old arcade machines and had fun testing out the foot massager.
We were going to go around the Arctic Corsair but they weren't recommending it for children under 6 as it's a guided tour for an hour (and there was no way madam would have stood and listened to the wee chap). So we headed for the Hull and East Riding Museum instead (the museums all have a communal courtyard and are a short walk from each other).
This seemed to capture madam's imagination rather well, she was most taken with Mortimer (the Mammoth she's with in the picture above). And spent quite a while studying the mosaics in the Roman section. They have some really beautiful examples if you are interested... But that appeared to be the end of her concentration capacity and she raced through the last bit. But you know, upwards of an hour concentrating is a definite achievement/improvement for her.
And, as the museums were all free, I let madam choose something from the shop to take home. So we now have a weird sticky dinosaur thing that climbs down windows/mirrors and a multi-coloured pencil with the museum's name on.
I had also said that if she behaved then we could go and get an ice-cream on the way back to the bus. The weather being quite so lovely today made this an even better option than had perhaps been planned. Baskin and Robbins even had a queue!
Madam forced herself to have chocolate with fudge sprinkle things and I managed Black Forest Gateau and Turkish delight flavours! Soooo good! For dinner tonight we will be having sugar-free jelly to sort of compensate... There is going to be sausages first, in case you think I'm giving her nothing but jelly for tea!
Even better than all our lovely museum fun in the morning was that the chap came to fix our dodgy boiler (that I'm not actually at home to use atm). I had a feeling it would be a simple task, and sure enough he was in and out in about 10mins max! But we so now have hot water and heat again. So exciting after being without it for so long...
I ended up spending far too long watching crappy videos on YouTube last night, but I have a bit of writers block which is annoying me... I'm going to leave the chapter I'm writing as is and then I might well come back and edit it at a later time. It makes a chapter in it's own right and I feel like I'm writing in circles if I keep plugging away with it.
I shall start a new chapter tonight and see where it takes me :)

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