17 April 2013

School results

Hello! I have had my email at last. It actually came through at about midday but I didn't get chance to come back and update the blog to let you know! Sorry...
So, I didn't get madam in at my first choice school which didn't actually surprise me that much as we aren't in catchment and they only have a very small intake. According to my friend who's little girl did get in, there were 25 places allocated within catchment and the other 5 went to people who already had siblings at the school. So Madam basically had no chance!
Instead madam will be going to my old school which I am equally as happy about. The only reason it wasn't actually my first choice is because we have to cross lots of very busy roads to get there. With no proper crossing points... We will mainly be doing a lot of standing, waiting and then mad dashing. Never mind.
They have built a treehouse in the playground since I went, which can only be a good thing. They also still have the big playing field which we used when I was there, good stuff. I feel slightly bad that I didn't put it first, but I was never fussed if she did go there.
Anyway, apparently I only get limited free wifi here, so I shall post this and get gone!

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