13 April 2013

Sunshine and springtime

Here's my finished Sidney pattern that I got with Let's Knit magazine. There is a whole album of reader's photos on their Facebook page. There are some really cute ones.

According to madam ours is called Lovely and she is still waiting for her stuffing, so I haven't added her to the gallery yet... But my mum has the worlds biggest bag of toy stuffing leftover from when she made madam a knitted doll the other year so we're going to just use some of that.

I am trying to decide where we're going this afternoon as it's finally a lovely day and it would be such a shame not to go out and enjoy it. The sun is shining and it's hinting at finally being Spring. Marvellous. Spring and Autumn are my favourites...

I managed to find a sun hat for madam that will actually go over her hair (much easier now her hair is shorter) and they had a special offer on so she's now got some sparkly hair clips with coloured plaits attached to them. She's thrilled, which is all that matters really. We also had to get her some emergency socks as there were issues with her tights!

There is reason for me to suspect the husband has come up this weekend even though I didn't want him to. Though he isn't at the house, which is the main thing! He keeps ringing me. I'm ignoring him, mature I know...

I suppose I ought to find out as we could at least go and spend the afternoon in the sun with him. I could cope with that I guess... Well except now he's not answering his phone. Helpful!

Yeah, I know, complete hypocrite...

I think I shall give it another go after we've had lunch. If he's sleeping (which is the most likely option) he might have woken up again by then... until then I seem to be stuck watching CBeebies!

Oh, leading on from my post about Guides last night I did at least manage to get the first part of the project started! It amazed me just how long getting them to decide whether 12 statements were true of false took! It also seemed to sink in that some of the statistics I told them were quite frightening. 

The funniest part was asking them whether they thought boys could be part of the solution. They came up with a resounding "NO" even though I had to explain that they would be important really. Their opinions on the ability of boys to be helpful was very telling of how old the girls are!

I don't think they're still at the all boys smell stage, but apparently not far off!  

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