6 April 2013

On writing, anniversaries and birthdays!

I picked a front cover for my novel :) I'm suffering from major writers block at the minute and progress is being ridiculously slow. But at least I have an idea of what the cover will be for if it ever gets finished!
I did try and write some more last night but only managed about 250 words or so. I think I might have to re-read everything and remember all the things I set up already and then do a bit of planning in the notebook I bought specifically for novel planning which is currently empty!
I need to focus a bit more on the characters I think, at the moment they're somewhat 2-dimensional and I think it might be time to get some back story going. For example, I've introduced some characters from my Imp's past and have mentioned something he did. It might be worth writing it out (even if I don't necessarily include it in the novel).
I have been trying to sort some playlists on my iTunes to give me a bit of chilled background music to write by, but I'm suffering from a distinct lack of choice. I set up a playlist that plays the least played tracks I listen to, but that just means it's very random! And also tracks I'm more "meh" about.
My parents are celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary today. This means next year I have to remember to provide a decent present and card! I have an idea to get them a nice piece of glass made by my friends at Gekodesigns and using the millefiore beads they were given on their last trip to Venice.
This is probably a better idea than some more artwork or something as the picture I got them for their 30th is still waiting to be hung! It's really cool too, an orange Chinese dragon on a dark blue background... But I'm not bitter!
They are going for a meal tonight at the lovely Rolando's restaurant. I have had several very nice lunches there (though we're still in mourning for the pear and pecorino sandwich). And we did have a nice evening meal with my aunt and uncle when they were here for madam's 3rd birthday. I am relieved of taxi duty on this occasion as it's only local :)  
For the rest of today I think I will mainly be trying to occupy madam. My parents have to go and do boring things that utilise the car so I can't leave them to babysit whilst I escape to the cinema with Small Print Larger! Curses... (though I don't think my parents are particularly talking to madam after the nail varnish incident). Might give it a go for tomorrow though... ;)
I also have to fathom out what I'm making for dinner, I think I have lots of things in the store cupboard that I could utilise. I then need to do my menu planning for next week. I get to be really busy on my birthday, so I doubt I will be doing much celebrating... Though I will get my Kindle! I shall mainly be playing with that and seeing if I can indeed transfer music onto it :)
I will also be downloading various things for me to read...
I am slightly undecided about this birthday. For the second year in a row it will be being overshadowed by external events going on around it. Whilst I am of an age where I'm not that fussed about the actual birthday, I would like a calm one next year! I also would like to have a meal at the Japanese restaurant in town as I've never been :) 
I shall also attempt to overcome this blooming writers block soon! 50,000 words is an awful lot!

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