25 April 2013

it's a plethora of old photo's

I've spent today sorting some technological stuff out. When I got my new phone last year I was also still using my old PC and not this netbook. So all the photo's are consequently still on there. More significantly, most of my music is too. Today I finally downloaded the old phone to the netbook.

Which means I now have such photographic gems as this available for blogging!

This was Halloween 2010 :) She was just 2. I made the little ladybird dress for her. I  was very proud of it... shame she ruined it!
And this was the dress I'd made for her 2nd birthday the week or so before
I've also got photos of everything I've knitted for her, which I won't bore you with now! But I think I might just have to share this one with you as it makes me giggle! This is madam at her most madam-ish
She didn't want to leave the swimming baths. So this is where she hid! I's too cute for words... Oh, and I couldn't resist this one of her with her Mr Potato Head smile!
There's never a dull moment when you have a madam in the house! 

I hope you appreciate her choice of favourite DVD behind her... This was right after we first moved to the house we're in now and before daddy came home. I'm not entirely sure I remember what the towel was for... Hmm... Anyhoo, she's a law unto herself!
I've also got some lovely photo's from our road trips and things. It's nice to have them all in one place. And I finally have the photo of her with the Olympic torch again. We were standing at a handover point and the next runner was there waiting and happily posing with anyone who wanted. Lovely chap.
We had a really nice day for it and apparently one of the biggest (proportional) turnouts of the whole relay. 25,000 of the towns 29,000 were thought to have turned up for it. It was a total party atmosphere in the town, it was great.
I also went to see the Paralympic flame when it came through (we were one of the very few places it did come through) and that was far more low key. The Paralympic flame itself is much smaller and in a little lantern. Shame, I was hoping for the same pomp and ceremony. It deserves the same respect in my opinion.
I apologise for the photo quality on this one, he was walking quite quickly and the camera on this phone is a bit pants!
I think I've bored you enough for today. Time for madam to finish her 'nastics now anyway!


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