19 April 2013

more dressmaking rambles

I have become completely addicted to the Great British Sewing Bee over the last few weeks and will mourn it's end next week. I have (along with many others) been inspired to get my sewing machine out and have a go at making things again.
This has been mainly hampered as I still haven't quite got round to replacing the broken treddle for my machine. I really fancy trying to make myself a couple of things. A jacket is actually my big desire at the moment.
Lovely Tabatha Tweedie is a great inspiration too. She makes such lovely things and I have much dress envy. She doesn't like her cute gingham shirt dress as much as I think I do. Maybe if she had some ruby slippers to go with it... ;)
I'm also still obsessing over the lovely Tilly and her sewing blog. I have been reading more of it and debated buying the pattern for the cute blouse, but I think I might try something a wee bit simpler for my first go.
I also need to try and source some pretty material that I can use and be inspired by. I want to have something that's fairly cheap though as if I go wrong I won't cry too much!
I fancy something orange-y or peach-y. They're my new colours of choice this season. I have a very floral blouson top that is those sort of colours and I'm totally in love with it. It's from Asda, as is most of madam's wardrobe!
Lauren from the sewing bee is opening a new shop in Birmingham and I would love to go, but it's awfully far. I shall have to settle for drooling over her website instead. I absolutely loved the toddler dress she made for the week 3 pattern challenge. I don't know whether it was just because of the fact I have a little girl or that it was so cute and small!
Anyway, this morning I spent a good hour or so going through madam's old toys. We have loads of old ones that we just don't need any more or that are broken. I got one big bin liner full of toys to junk and a storage box full to donate. I also got her old scooter and her old bike to go too.
I've done it without her knowledge as she would scream if she thought I was getting rid of things. This way she probably won't even notice as I did try to make sure I didn't take things she actually played with. Of course, I will have got rid of one thing she will be mad about. It's almost guaranteed.

They've all gone down to the Scope shop in the middle of town who were really pleased to get them. Madam will find out later when we get home after I've been to Guides. I've forgotten my uniform today, so I may have to pop home and get it quickly.


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