28 August 2013

ee lad, you look crackin'

We have been in Bristol over the bank holiday. I got to play with babies. Madam played with her big cousin. She did also fall off a slide, which was a lot less good. But she mainly bounced. She hurt her ankle and scraped one of her cheeks. But a day of doing nothing on Monday seemed to fix it.
As we were in Bristol and we had been waiting so long to do it, we finally hunted the Gromits :)
And what a great way to 1) spend a couple of hours doing something fun and 2) get in some sneaky exercise without your child noticing! We managed not to argue at all whilst we were hunting and she fell asleep not long after we got home. Which is what every parent wants!

My favourite? Either of the last two really. I was hoping we'd find the strawberry one as I've seen photos of it and it looks really cool, but it was obviously in a different part of the city...
They are going to be gathered together for an exhibition in the middle of September, so we might get chance to go and see them then. It's the same time as himself's birthday, so we could well be in Bristol for it...

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