4 August 2013

pinning my life away

I have been on Pinterest for a while now, but it's suddenly clicked with me and I have been manically pinning everything! I've even branched out to more than a couple of boards.
I have found it's fabulous for sewing ideas and tutorials. It's got loads of stuff that you wouldn't expect as well. My favourite board to follow is My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter which is made up of child modelling photos  with some fantastic captions. It's just so funny (it might just be me...)
And then there are all the pretty things and the recipes and the ideas for home and crafts and allsorts... I am probably boring the people who follow me with my current spamming of their feeds! I found a whole load of Matilda related pins yesterday. And then there were all the Quentin Blake ones. You can see how I've lost hours to it, can't you.
I am pinning quite a few tattoo ideas at the moment as well. I really want another one (I have two already) but I like them quite small and simple. So that they can be covered up and so that I won't be embarrassed by them in my old age. As I'm in my mid-thirties now I think it's less likely, but it's always a consideration.
I don't like coloured tattoos either. As my skin is so pale I feel the black stands out really well, and I wouldn't want anything too cartoonish (I am picky!). This is not to say that I haven't seen some beautiful coloured tattoos, it's just not my thing!
it was brand new here, hence the redness!
My next problem is where to place it. I have one on my right shoulder and one to the left of my spine near my bum (which is the one above). I would love one on my wrist, but then it would be harder to cover if I had to. Also, on my foot could be good, but I am usually barefoot and I would then have to try and hide it from my parents. Neither of whom approve at all... They are annoyingly conservative sometimes. And yes, I am a big girl so I can do what I want, but deliberately upsetting them by getting a tattoo on show seems very petty and childish.
I quite like the idea of some script. A quote or some inspirational words. I saw a nice tattoo featuring the Maya Angelou quote "And still I rise" which makes me feel like I can conquer my demons. I also like bible verses, I have found a lovely one from Proverbs which I really like, but it might end up bigger than I would like. It's verse 31:25
Perhaps I should have it placed on my ribcage and then it could wrap around...
What do you think?

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