9 August 2013

York, for fudge and knight-ing

I have been having fun in the sun with madam over the last few days. We went to York on Wednesday and walked the walls around the city. But first, we persuaded madam she didn't really want to go to Maccy D's for lunch because we could buy her a crappy toy somewhere else.
Then we came up with the plan to buy her a sword so that she could get into her role as a knight more easily. We went off in one direction and my parents went in the other. Whilst looking we went past the Fudge Kitchen and noticed they were doing one of their demonstrations.

We went in to watch as it's usually really interesting. Madam was fascinated so I gave her my phone so that she could take pictures. And she ended up taking loads! We also got to try some of the fresh fudge and went away with a couple of slices.

And then my dad rang to tell me they'd found a sword at the Jorvick centre. So we arranged to meet up with them and they presented madam with a fabulous wooden sword that came with a belt for her to carry it with. To say she was quite chuffed would be an understatement!

And then we went to find the nearest access point so we could finally get on with our walk. We had to wait for what seemed like an entire coach party to make their way down the narrow steps before we could go up. And then it was time for madam to act out her knight-ing fantasies (she was wearing her cape, too). She checked out all the arrow slits, she gesticulated wildly with her sword and posed in a "He-Man" style for a photo. Basically, she loved it.

We walked the section which went round behind the minster and enjoyed some great views. The walls had become safer since my own youth as there was now a barrier in place to stop you falling off into the local gardens! We saw a few other kids also brandishing swords and daggers.

We came down again near to the theatre and popped in to pick up a leaflet for the panto this year. We loved it so much last Christmas and madam still sings the songs so we agreed we'd go again. It's the same cast and they write the productions themselves. This year it's Aladdin. Last year was Robin Hood...

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