14 August 2013

summer holidays are long... more fun with madam

And yes, it is more about "what I did on my summer holidays". Again.

Today, I have mainly been supervising madam at the play area whilst mum and dad were shopping for yet more coral for the marine tank (orange and lime green versions this time). We were at the garden centre at Skirlaugh and they had a bouncy castle and a slide for madams amusement.

This meant I got to hang around for half an hour and watch her bouncing about. It's incredibly dull being a parent sometimes... Especially as there was no way I could join in! I should have remembered a book!

I was also wary of taking photos as there were other children about and you have to worry about that kind of thing nowadays, sadly. I think you get great unguarded pictures of them when they're having fun. There's a lovely one of her coming down the slide...

I did myself another manicure, in my attempts to learn to be less wobbly in doing so. I went for a domino design as it's mainly just dots! It was sort of successful, my left handed dotting is really wibbly still. And the topcoat made it blur again. People who do nailart, what topcoat do you use?

I let madam help make crumble with me on Monday. Sort of. I did the chopping and the actual cooking bits, but she put all the stuff in the pan for stewing the fruit and then mixed the crumble. I added some muesli to the crumble mix to give it some crunch and add a bit of extra sweetness as the fruit was rhubarb.

And it tasted gooood! I am a rampant foodaholic, so I do like a good pudding every now and again. I have been trying to keep to mainly just having some fresh fruit after tea, but you can't eat rhubarb without crumble (in my opinion!)

I have been sticking to my gym routine and have started to get some results. I've lost about 3kilos so far, which is good given I haven't been dieting with it!

So, more of the same summer fun from me, I'll have to find something more exciting to write about soon!

Is there anything you think I should be writing about? Go on, pick a topic! 

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