6 August 2013

minbeasts and where to find them

Yesterday we did very little, aside from me going to the gym so in the afternoon I decided to give myself a manicure. I'm still rather shaky when it comes to doing my nail art, but I figure the more I practice, the better! This time I went for little clouds and I gave madam a ladybird on each thumb :)
In the evening I set about making a top for madam with my lovely elephant fabric. And I very nearly got it all finished except I realised I could do with some thinner elastic to thread through round the top. So my plan is to do that tonight or tomorrow evening, once I've got the right width to do it with!
Today we went on a minibeast hunt! We went to the Country Park and met up with a nice lady called Bev who took us into the woodland where there was another lady waiting for us. She explained about how  to collect our minibeasts and the best places to look for them.
So armed with our kit, and a log sheet to record what we found we went on a hunt. We had fun shaking some trees to drop what was in them onto a sheet and then we managed to get some into the pot and have a good look at them. We also managed to catch a hoverfly so madam could have a look at its markings.
We then went back into the woods and set about making a minibeast out of some air-drying clay. Madam chose to make a ladybird and we shaped it and added legs with some sticks and then drew on some markings and added little stones for the spots. Madam also gave it a leaf for a sunhat!
We then took our creation out into the Park and found a place to put it so that the next time we're out for a walk we can take nanna to find it. At least, if it's still there we will! By this point madam was getting bored so we headed back up to the car park and found an ice cream (not sure it was lost ;)) and ate that in the shade before heading back to the rents to give them the car back.

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