10 September 2013

it's all about the love! L-O-V-E love!

Hello blogosphere! So sorry to have ben gone so long. I was expecting to be back last week and then events conspired against me.
Madam has started at big school and went only in the mornings on Tuesday and Wednesday. Somehow, I failed to have any time to write then. On Thursday we travelled up to Edinburgh to attend my cousins wedding. When we arrived we discovered the Little Chef (with free wifi) next to the Travelodge had closed down.
This was a major pain as some of our planning had hinged around a large cooked breakfast on Saturday morning... We ended up buying our own weight in porridge pots from Asda so we didn't have to have the rather uninspiring Lodge breakfast.
Travelodge did have wifi. For £5 an hour! WTF Travelodge! It was £10 for a day and £20 for a week, which, in the scheme of things was not unreasonable. But too expensive for me... So, no access to the internet except via my phone. And then not really much time for that as we had family to see and a madam to amuse.
On Thursday evening we went to my Aunt and Uncles house for a meal and to meet (in some cases for the first time ever) some of my American relatives. We did spend a portion of the evening trying to decide what relation we all were to each other. It was quite funny, ultimately though, we couldn't work it out. We're going with extended family, and everyone is happy!
I loved meeting these new Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. As I didn't *really* remember having met any of them. And for my Florida based family it was the first time ever! And I love them! We all got on instantly and there is a definite shared sense of humour going on... Particular props to my uncle R who pretty much constantly had me laughing.
I just need to go to the States now...
On Friday we went to a Butterfly Farm with madam. It started as just something mum, dad and I were going to do, but in the end both my brothers and H came. We saw loads of butterflies (not surprisingly), including some that were hatching out. We got to feed the quails who were running around the butterfly house and then we got to play with the creatures in the reptile and insect house.

Madam proved her inquisitive nature by holding anything the man offered. We started with a Royal Python called Turkana. She had been bought as a male for the them, but sadly, after producing eggs, was found not to be. They do have a confirmed male snake now though.
She was beautiful and had some quite distinctive markings. Madam had to have help to hold her as she was very powerful and quite big for a 4 yr old! Then we got to hold a millipede. It pooed quite liberally over the guy who worked there. I have a feeling that this is actually madams highlight of the whole trip!
Finally, we held a Chilean Rose Tarantula called Rosie 2. She did just sit very still on your hand. Well, except on me where she decided to go for a walk... But madam held her. By herself. She was so proud of herself for having done that. She's not very sure about whether spiders scare her, so it was good that she had that experience. H on the other hand *is* scared of them. But even she managed to shake a paw. Very brave indeed.

My brothers and H then went into the city whilst we had lunch at the garden centre next door. We planned on going down to the beach afterwards and flying madams kite, but the rain set in and we wimped out. I tried to get madam to have a nap as we were having tea at a pub later, but no...
Tea was at the Sheeps Heid pub. My mother remembered coming there as a student to play real skittles, but sadly we didn't get the chance as there was a private party in there. We did end up with a big family dinner as my uncle and the male relatives were excluded from bridesmaid fun! Though we did end up with one aunt as she didn't fancy it!
But then it was Saturday. And I had been waiting for this day since my cousin announced she was engaged! My cousin L had always been my favourite when we were kids. She's six years younger than me so used to be like a baby sister. And I really love her husband. He's always seemed like the perfect guy for her.
The ceremony was at 1.30 and seemed to be over in a flash. L looked stunning and G could not have looked happier. We then headed out to a stately home just outside Edinburgh for the reception. We were piped in and met with the most beautiful hall and staircase. There was champagne, there were lots of people. We got to poke about in a couple of rooms. We were not allowed to sit on a lot of the furniture! The place was stuffed with beautiful art works and an impressive amount of trinkets. The views were amazing and we had some photos taken on the front lawn.
There were speeches and then the most wonderful meal (not surprising given G is a restauranter). Even A didn't grumble about it, and, being a chef, he usually finds something! (that was a lot of commas)
But by this point it was 8.30... dancing was supposed to start at 9, but we had to cut the (gorgeous) cake first. The first dance was lovely and as romantic as you'd hope for. There was a rather raucous ceilidh trying to kick off, but we had to get madam home to bed. She was physically wilting before our eyes.
Annoyingly, she perked up back at the hotel, but we had some fun taking pictures and then I forced her into bed. So tired. So happy.

Sunday was hometime and then madam was at school again. Full days now. I feel more lost somehow. Weird, she's been at nursery for ages, I expected it to be the same. But I guess because I know it'll be every day now, it's that little bit different.
I shall let you know how it goes ;) 
(P.S. you have no idea how hard it was to narrow down the photos. And yes, those are swan shaped choux buns around the bottom of the cake!) 


Tabatha Tweedie said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the photo of you and Madam! X

Pearl Sanguine said...

Thanks Tabatha :) It was the best holiday I've had in ages!

That's going to be my favourite photo for quite some time, I think! I don't get enough chances to get ones of us together...