25 September 2013

Labyrinthine Fun :)

Last night was the first ever We Watch Films Classic Movie Tuesday event. And it was one of my all-time favourite films, Labyrinth!
I managed to persuade a rather reluctant H (she had been scared by it as a child) that what she wanted to do with one of her precious days off was drive all the way to my house and go and watch a film she was wary of... Although, she didn't take lots of persuading, it has to be said!
She arrived on Monday afternoon. Earlier than I had thought she would, but that was even better. We got to surprise madam by having her auntie pick her up from school with mummy. Much more fun than normal!
We then got to spend the afternoon/some of the evening actually building the bed H would sleep in, but we did manage to do it pretty easily and with no swearing. Organising everything at the beginning probably helped that process... (H is an expert flat-pack builder, she should hire herself out!)
Yesterday, after dropping madam at school we went into town to get ourselves a mask each for the masquerade theme of the evening. Now, I hadn't *actually* mentioned that there was a theme. Or a fancy dress element. Or a competition... But we had decided on posh frocks and adding a mask is fairly harmless! And once we were there and had seen some of the other costumes, it seemed awfully tame!
Having bought plain masks we then had to decorate them. This was achieved with glittery mosaic stickers, gloopy glue and some glitter :) Crafty goodness on a Tuesday afternoon, nice :) Only, I don't have the gloopy glue, it lives at my parents house, so we dropped in on my dad for an hour and had fun doing sticking! Also, H got to admire his marine tank...
We picked madam up from school, got ready and went out almost as soon as my dad came through the door to babysit! This in itself was a surprise as I thought it would be mum, but who cares as long as someone supervises the 4yr old it's all good!
We were a bit early getting to the cinema, but there were a few people already there and we found Paul, who had organised the night, quite easily. He did appreciative admiring of our mask making and we all agreed the masks were much more annoying than we had anticipated! Mine was made worse by the fact I had to take my glasses off to wear it. I can see clearly for about 6 inches in front of my face without them. Excellent...
I gave up before we went into the cinema and had to put my glasses back on. But not before the official photographer had taken our photo! Before the film started there was the judging. And the top 6 costumes were called to the front. I was slightly sad that the guy who had dressed as one of the door knockers didn't make the line up.
We did an incredibly scientific cheering and clapping scoring system and the winner was deemed to be a young boy. This meant that the girl who had dressed as Sir Didymus got second place... But you can't win against a child! She was given free tickets to next months showing as a consolation... (But she was my favourite).
And so what is next months film? The big reveal was before the film started when we played the official trailer. And it was for Ghostbusters! A totally appropriate Halloween type film. H has vetoed it, so I might have to go to this one alone. But as the We Watch Films guys are like one big family, it wouldn't be too bad if I did. And I have always wanted to watch that on the big screen too! 

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