20 September 2013

Upcycling for the masses

As it's Friday, you get the now obligatory Guide related post! And I am really enthused about this weeks meeting. (Well, and terrified we won't have any guides turn up...) But lets stick with enthusiasm, shall we?
Oh, before I get started, madam has been to the GP and told that she is doing really well. She is just reducing the amount of puffs on her inhaler slowly now. (My friendly, tame pharmacist (Dad) is helping with that).
Ok, so Guides tonight... I found out last Friday that there is a competition running in conjunction with the Clothes Show Live and we could win a trip for our whole unit to go to the show! Brillbobs. All we need to do is take an old item of clothing and take a photo before doing anything to it and then one after we have repurposed/customised it to something we would wear now. Send it in by Sept 29th and Bob's your auntie!  
This is the kind of activity that totally excites me! I have spent the last couple of days gathering some great ideas on things the Guides could do including this awesome tutorial on how to turn a t-shirt into a scarf! I love it! I'm completely going to do this tonight with my t-shirt (cause you knew I'd be playing along, didn't you?!)
But I also found ways to add a design using wax crayons, sandpaper and an iron. And then there are all the normal things I might do, like adding material to turn it into a dress like Tabatha and I did for madam in the summer. Or adding pockets, a collar or an applique motif. Then, of course, there is good old tie-dye and dip dye. (Those will *not* be being done at the meeting!).
One of the Guides is going to turn her t-shirt into a skirt, which is a great idea. A couple were asking about customising old jeans and canvas shoes. I love that they all got behind the idea.
And, even better than the fact we might win a competition, the upcycling/repurposing counts towards the badge that QM and I had decided on for them to do over the term! How well planned of me was that!? We're doing the first activity from the first section of the badge and then we have to do 3 clauses. Upcycling is one clause covered.
And they won't even notice that they're doing it. Although, one of the Guides got *almost* as excited as me about the prospect of a badge! I'm such a badge nerd, and this is a great one as it's from WAGGS so it makes it a bit different.
I think the complete over-enthusiasm for it all on my part sort of rubbed off on the Guides too, which was nice. And even better was QM telling me to just plan and run it all and she'd help out if I needed. So I get to mostly be in charge, which I need for my warrant. Excellent.
See, I was going to tell you about all this at the weekend, but madam being so dramatically ill put paid to that!

a few of madam's customised things
I'm still trying to decide on birthday presents for her too, but she has managed to give me a couple of acceptable suggestions. She has announced that she would like some big girls Lego and also some Winnie the Witch books. I can cope with that...   

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