28 September 2013

round the world with an apple

Last night was Guides again and they were finishing off their clothes alteration projects. We also talked a bit about how their energy saving plans have been going. Quite well so far, but they still have another 3 weeks to keep it going.

They have to do another section on Our Food and we're starting by looking at food miles. I found a website that has a calculator on it which we might be able to use on my phone at the meeting. I have already been using it as we were interested in just how we get fresh apples from New Zealand and how far they have to travel.
I was quite disturbed by just how far they do travel as I always try and buy British so hadn't really thought about it. The guides are checking their cupboards and finding where the furthest thing they own comes from. We also asked them to find out where the country actually is so that they can explain it to each other.
And then we are going to eat chocolate! We have challenged them to bring in chocolate from as many countries as we can. Then, obviously, we'll have to taste test to see if we can taste the difference. :) I have banned them from bringing any of the regular brands such as Cadbury's and Galaxy etc. So, we'll see what we shall get. I will bring in a couple of South American ones to try, too...
We had a discussion about some of the challenges that some of the guides had done before the summer holidays and we agreed that we could set them another challenge with food soon. We're thinking of making chocolate truffles with them :) Or making food from around the world for a bring and share night.
We've also been planning some map skill work for them to do. I'm thinking of making them plot a route to a certain place and then being challenged to go to another once they get there. In a sort of treasure hunt type thing. Getting the guides out and about and enjoying themselves is the key to keeping our unit going, I feel.

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