5 March 2014

My creative progress

I have decided to attempt to be more organised in my blogging and perhaps get the hang of scheduling my posts so that they always appear at the same time so people know what to expect (I give this a week before I have forgotten or something has gone wrong!)

Anyhow, I might try doing one crafting and one cooking post every week. Particular emphases on the word “try”. I have every hope that this will be easy enough to achieve but I might have to shufty things around a bit when I forget change what I planned!

Back to today, I found out yesterday (Tuesday) that I have been given the job as a voluntary Teaching Assistant at the school I interviewed at the other week. I was quite confident that they would give me the job but hadn’t heard back in just over a fortnight and was beginning to be disheartened; the news arrived just in time to stop me throwing myself at an ice cream tub in consolation.

I just have to wait for all the security checks to be gone through now and then I will officially get to have a (voluntary) job! I really have missed the good sides of being in work that a protracted period out of it highlights. The ability to have conversations with other human beings is quite high up there.

Those who know me are aware that I do spend quite a lot of time on Twitter, but barring a few people, most of the lovely folks I chat to I have never actually met. This is sad. I’d love to be able to organise a tweet-up with all the people I like the best in one room at the same time. But then I guess I wouldn’t get chance to speak to everyone and I would probably be intimidated by the crowd! Ah, I am an enigma for sure…

As I mentioned in my last post I have decided to take part in the March creative prompts from being little’s blog. I had to draw somewhere I wanted to visit for day 3 and my ultimate stack of pancakes for day 4. Although, I have to confess to cheating, again. I took a photo of the stack I concocted at lunchtime instead of drawing it as I thought it would be the best way!

Today, day 5, is myself. This was a hard one for me as it meant taking a good look at myself in the mirror and trying to get that across on the paper. I think I habe made myself look a lot older than I really do and I *cannot* get my nose right. But I'm satisfied that, given how out of practice I am, it's a good representation of the brief.

In the next week highlights from the creative prompts are going to be a favourite lyric –typography- and a first. I’m sure that my attempts will be as rewarding to me as my others have been so far. I’m quite obviously bottom of the class when it comes to the drawing talents, but I’m loving having that chance to do a hobby I used to dedicate an awful lot of time to, again.

I am also plodding on with my crochet project and will show you the final product asap.

So, what creative things have you been getting up to? Let me know in the comments.

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Sarah said...

Congratulations on the new job, great news! I love your blog, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog - let me know if you happen to do the post :)