14 March 2014

Lifestyle - Shoes for girl's with big feet

I have got some new shoes. They are black and shiny and I got them for when I start my teaching job. A girl has to pretend to be respectable sometimes. I love them as they are brogues and I have wanted some since I was a little girl, probably because my Dad always has a pair. 

They're from Clark's as I had to go back and swap madam's new school shoes as they'd broken. I was so surprised that any shoes from Clark's could break! They were lovely and swapped them for a whole pair no questions asked. I knew they would be easy to deal with which made me more confident about taking them back. 

I always buy madam's shoes from the local Clark's outlet because I'm not fussed about her having the latest style (they're school shoes, after all) and they're always at least a tenner cheaper then in the shops. When you're onto pair number three since September, this is important!

Anyway, back to *my* shoes. I had mentioned that I could do with looking for some work shoes whilst we were on our mission for madam as I thought turning up in trainers would probably be frowned on. I have some black, cheapo things from Tesco, but they're not *that* comfy and if I'm going to be on my feet all day, then I want comfy feet!

My mum and I hunted through all the available women's flat shoes in my size. I'm a 41 and a wide fit, I use the European size because until about 10 years ago that was always a size 7 and then suddenly it was sometimes an 8, which is usually the biggest size shops do. 

This is a pain if you used to be an 8 or, if like me, you wear a slightly bigger size to fit your big, wide feet in more comfortably! Clark's does do a wide fit, and there were a couple of styles in the 8 I liked. But all of them were just slightly too tight somewhere. 

At that point I thought I should check the men's shoes. They're usually a wider fit to begin with, and go to bigger sizes (obviously). I tried on a pair of size 8's and realised they were too big. On inspection, men's size 7 are still European 41! Why?? So annoying...

So, I looked at the size sevens and fell in love with the brogues but put them back because of the price. Even at the outlet and with £35 off the original price they were really quite expensive. I found another pair of plainer, Oxford shoes and was going to settle for those.

In steps my Dad. He looked at me and said, "which ones do you *really* want". 
"Ummm, I rather love the Brogues, but they're too expensive."
"But I'd rather you have the ones you like, they're going to be on your feet a lot."
I showed my dad the price of the Brogues. He made his *ouch* face. He took them over to the pay point. He then insisted my mum get the zebra print boots she'd fallen in love with too!

My dad is the best.

I have been wearing them in. They're proper leather and have rather shocked my feet by being properly enclosed and supported for the first time in ages!

So, here are my lovely shoes, all £54.99 worth. 

That might not be a lot in the grand scheme of shoes, but it's way out of my budget! And they're soooo lovely. And yes, they are on top of my wheelie bin, I needed proper light to take the pictures!

Can you find shoes that fit easily?

Love, Pearl

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