24 August 2014

Lifestyle - Disney Film Perfectionism

My mum and I had a bit of a tidy up in my house a few weeks ago and it gave me the chance to reorganise the DVDs back into the cupboard where they are supposed to live. They had emigrated to various other parts of my living room and it was getting on my nerves no end.

Having a small child means I have ended up with quite a few Disney films in my collection (or at least that's what I keep telling myself is the reason) but I hadn't realised how out-of-hand the collection had gotten! 

I attempted to introduce madam to the joys of putting the collection in order, but she wasn't buying it... But I certainly did. Turns out we had over 50 Disney films which included 20 odd of the Classics series. I put them all in the correct order (they're numbered, helpfully) but then I began to wonder which ones we were missing.

The completionist part of me gets all worked up at the thought of gaps! So I figured I had better find out which ones we were missing and then I could tick them off - hyperventilation might be happening at that thought! 

Having made the list I have actually ticked some off already due to Asda having an offer on! Although, I did have to overrule madam about one of her choices (Bambi 2? I don't think so...) I did lose when she insisted on replacing the Incredibles though... Its Pixar, its not part of the same collection, dammit!

Now the list is looking more complete, but there are still loads missing! And I *still* don't have the AristoCats :-( Also, there are some discrepancies to the list as in the USA they don't count Dinosaur as being in the Classics collection but they do in the UK. And there is a film called the Wild which doesn't show up on the list at all for some reason... (We don't have it, but we do have trailers for it). 

Time for the list... Ones marked with a "*" are ones we own.

  1. Snow White *
  2. Pinocchio *
  3. Fantasia (my parents own this one!)
  4. Dumbo *
  5. Bambi *
  6. Saludos Amigos
  7. The Three Caballeros
  8. Make Mine Music
  9. Fun & Fancy Free
  10. Melody Time
  11. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
  12. Cinderella *
  13. Alice in Wonderland *
  14. Peter Pan
  15. Lady and the Tramp *
  16. Sleeping Beauty *
  17. 101 Dalmatians *
  18. The Sword in the Stone
  19. The Jungle Book *
  20. The AristoCats
  21. Robin Hood
  22. The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh
  23. The Rescuers
  24. The Fox and the Hound
  25. The Black Cauldron
  26. Basil the Great Mouse Detective
  27. Oliver & Company
  28. The Little Mermaid *
  29. The Rescuers Down Under
  30. Beauty and the Beast *
  31. Aladdin *
  32. The Lion King *
  33. Pocahontas *
  34. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  35. Hercules *
  36. Milan
  37. Tarzan
  38. Fantasia 2000
  39. Dinosaur *
  40. The Emperor's New Groove *
  41. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  42. Lilo & Stitch *
  43. Treasure Planet
  44. Brother Bear
  45. Home on the Range
  46. Chicken Little *
  47. Meet the Robinsons
  48. Bolt *
  49. The Princess and the Frog *
  50. Tangled *
  51. Winnie-the-Pooh
  52. Wreck It Ralph *
  53. Frozen *
This list is from the IMdB website, some of the numbers and films don't match what's on the box! But as far as I can tell we own 25 of the 53 that have been released. There is one called Big Hero 6 coming out later this year that I am *really* looking forward to.

After filling all the shelves in my cupboard with DVDs I still had some leftover, so they're on the bookshelves and under the TV. I might need more storage space for them... That'll be another thing to add to the list of things to buy once I'm earning... 

Then maybe I could have a madam collection and a grown up collection *gets misty eyed* I could alphabetise mine... Yeah, I know, I'm weird... I would kind of like to put all the different animation studios in to their own collections, too. Perfectionism is a pain sometimes...

What do you obsess over?

Love, Pearl.

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