18 April 2014

Lifestyle - Hudl Love

So, I have been really busy the last few days as it's the Easter holidays at the moment. I really hate that it totally interferes with my being able to blog :-( 

It does mean, however that madam and I have had a bit of time to do some girly bonding. This has entailed rather a lot of arguing, but we have been to see Mr Peabody and Sherman (better than I feared it would be). We've also been spending a lot of time playing with my fancy new tablet...

Minion Rush, by the way, is horrendously addictive! 

My netbook screen got smashed, and you have no idea how much you need that top left corner!

I bought the Hudl after much soul searching and consulting with people on Twitter. I nearly went with a Kindle Fire as the last gen ones are on offer at the moment. £60 off, if you're interested. I didn't in the end as I needed something with more flexibility than a Kindle gives you. 

The Hudl comes with a 16gb memory, however it has a micro SD slot so you can add extra memory to it. It runs off the android system so you can download allsorts from the Play store. I have basically put everything I find essential on my phone onto it plus a whole load of games to keep madam and I amused whilst we're offline at home!

What a pretty face... 

I am probably driving people on Twitter mad with my Hudl love, It's just so nice to find a piece of kit that works so well for me and fits in with my lifestyle! Though I miss my netbook and am still hoping to get it back up and running. If nothing else because of the massive amount of photos and music stored on it. 

Oh, and having the ability to word process would be handy too. I have looked for an app for that, but couldn't see anything useful. Typing on a touchpad is OK, but I do like a proper keyboard and might invest in one soon... 

But, yup, basically I ♥ my Hudl. I have even gone so far as to buy it a new cover that matches it perfectly. The one I got with it didn't have a hole for the rear camera or speakers and this one does. I think if you're looking for a small tablet then this is a pretty good option for you. 


And no, Tesco have not sponsored this post! 

Love, Pearl.

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