26 October 2013

scavenger hunting

I had ridiculous amounts of fun with the guides last night! We went on our scavenger hunt around the town and they solved all the clues and found the leader :)
We started at the usual meeting place and then from there they had to solve a clue which led to the start point and then headed to town. They were then sent on two different routes and worked really well as a team solving their clues and hunting for the things they were looking for. As the final clue they were given a sum to do and a tracking symbol to follow. Our team came in first and so they were awarded the challenge cup.
a jesters hat

an eel

celebratory marshmallow (yes, that is just 1 marshmallow)
Actually, it's a mug I bought in Morrison's! So, more of a challenge mug.
We're going to let them write their patrol name on it and then will let whoever wins the next challenge have the privilege! At the end of the year we'll determine which patrol gets to keep it and we'll start another one in September. 
We've also decided it's time to reconvene the patrols. They have been working as just one patrol for the most part, but as they worked so well in those teams they will be their new patrols. I will be challenging them to get a full patrol asap as well! So we are disbanding the dregs of the patrols and giving them completely new ones.
We did have 6 when I first started so there are 4 emblems in the box that are going begging. We've also split up a couple of the guides as one was being very dominating over the other. 
I have decided that I will sew all my badges on my hoody and then the guides can see all the good things that we've got to do and they'll keep pushing for us to join in with things locally. Because, badges...
And in other news, there is a new post up on madam's blog: Cats and Dogs

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